Vocational Support Specialist

The FTS VSS provides assistance to the new employee in order for them to learn essential duties of the job. The coach fades from the work site as the duties and responsibilities are learned. This assistance can take place at the job site or off site depending on the new employee’s or employer’s individualized needs. A VSS can assist with training in a variety of fields and settings. Some areas in which we have provided assistance are:

  • General Service (janitorial, food service, retail and clerical)
  • Professional (education, banking, accounting and customer service)


A Vocational Support Specialist Will

  • Meet with the employer, in order to learn the job requirements and responsibilities.
  • Assist in training new employees on essential job tasks. Includes production standards, safety issues and quality control.
  • Help identify and resolve problems.
  • Maintain a good working relationship with employers, and fellow workers.
  • Provide follow-up and support as needed.

The VSS will work with employers to make training easier and assist employees in learning the job in a way that is beneficial to them. This ultimately leaves new employees qualified, fully trained and able to meet the requirements and standards of the job.

Who pays for this?
FTS Inc. assumes the responsibility for the coach’s wages, travel, insurance and affiliated costs.

What is an employer’s liability?
The coach and FTS Inc. are responsible for assuming liability coverage while at the work site. Liability is the same as with any visitor or technician at the work site.