FTS Employer Partnerships

Get Job Experience in a Real World Enviornment

The Employer Partnership is designed to allow a Trainee the opportunity to work at a real job in the real work environment. FTS will provide, free of charge, an on-site Job Coach to assist in any supervision. In addition, an on-the-job training wage is paid to the trainee for this time period. We cover all the participants under Workers Compensation.

When the experience is over, one of three things occur:

  • An opportunity for employment develops. We are happy to coordinate and provide assistance as necessary.
  • The training was successful and the possibility for a good reference is available.
  • The training was a great learning experience but this was not the job for the Trainee.


Views of Participating Employees

“I’ve used Functional Training Services many different times and found their services to be exceptional. The job coaches are helpful and work well with our staff” (Deidre Hedges, LPN, PI – Human Resources Manager, Eastland Care Center)

“Functional Training Services is very responsible and responsive to the needs of the employee as we both work with consumers with disabilities. The professionalism of the staff is outstanding. They are very quick to meet the needs of the employment situations.” (Robert Brown – Account Supervisor, The Wackenhut Corp.)


Comments by Program Participants

“I feel this was a good experience as it helped me obtain my employment of choice”

Full time Maintenance Worker
Ohio Department of Agriculture

“The experience helped me learn the job, get the job and keep the job…I love it.”

Part Time Bakery Assistant
Carnival Market

“This experience showed the employer how well I could do the job, almost like a performance interview. I got a part time job close to home.”

Part Time Production Worker